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New Robot Strategy- Japan

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New Robot Strategy- Japan

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

2 March, 2015



(Why “Robot Revolution” Now?)
From the 1980s onwards, Japan continues to maintain its status as “Robotics Superpower” in various aspects such as robot production and utilization with focus on the manufacturing field which Japan boasts to the world.

At the same time, Japan is seeing low birth rate and the aging of the population at a speed unprecedented in the rest of the world, and consequently Japan becomes an advanced country of challenging issues that, before any country else, face issues such as the decrease of the productive-age population and the expansion of social welfare spending. To cope with these issues, there is an increasing possibility to utilize robots.

On the other hand, recently in both developed countries such as Europe and America and emerging countries such as China, there is a renewed interest in robots as a key to growth, and they are rapidly catching up Japan, so that projects led by their governments are starting one after another.

In the background of the new international competition about robots, there is a full-fledged advent of the IoT age where digital data and virtual networks play a central role. In this competition, huge amount of data collected through practical and specific utilization of robots will serve all the more as a driving force for advancement of robots in data-driven innovation era.

In such a worldwide trend, our country has a big potentiality of making utmost use of the advantage of having both robot technology cultivated so far and fields requiring issue solved by robots, taking a step toward a new industrial revolution with robots being the core, and achieving actual issue solving one by one ahead the world.


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