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Artificial Intelligence and the ‘Good Society’: the US, EU, and UK approach

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Artificial Intelligence and the ‘Good Society’:

the US, EU, and UK approach



Corinne Cath,

Sandra Wachter,

Brent Mittelstadt,

Mariarosaria Taddeo and

Luciano Floridi


University of Oxford






“In October 2016, the White House, the European Parliament, and the UK House of Commons each issued a report outlining their visions on how to prepare society for the widespread use of AI. In this article, we provide a comparative assessment of these three reports in order to facilitate the design of policies favourable to the development of a ‘good AI society’. To do so, we examine how each report addresses the following three topics:

(a) the development of a ‘good AI society’;

(b) the role and responsibility of the government, the private sector, and the research community (including academia) in pursuing such a development; and

(c) where the recommendations to support such a development may be in need of improvement.

Our analysis concludes that the reports address adequately various ethical, social, and economic topics, but come short of providing an overarching political vision and long-term strategy for the development of a ‘good AI society’. In order to contribute to fill this gap, in the conclusion we suggest a two-pronged approach.”


You can find the link and original paper below:


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