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Predictions Of AI and Robotics on 2018

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Predictions Of AI and Robotics on 2018



Even if the flying cars did not become an ordinary part of our lives for the present, we have advanced on robotics and AI on 2017. From the e-identity application developed for robots by the European Union, to robot Sophia, a citizen-winning robot, many steps were taken. Although these developments were exciting, they were beunruhigend for some people. Thus, a letter signed by 116 experts from 26 countries sent to United Nations, demanded that the development and the usage of robots capable of killing must be banned.


One of the most memorable cases was a discussion on the development of AI, between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg. Following that case, the fact that AI’s developed by Facebook, created themselves languages were increased uneasiness.


Although there is some confusion and fear, certainly better developments will take place on 2018. In summary some predictions on AI and robotics on 2018 are:


Internet of Things:

The increasing volume of data, with the use of intelligent devices in homes, offices, and even our bodies, will lead to a major shift in the field of information processing and analysis. Development of data analysis for using the data flow efficiently by companies will be a must. The only way to make the best use of it, is to focus on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Therefore, the year 2018 will be a year with the increase use of AI in companies.



Companies have become unable to supply customers’ demands. Therefore, the necessity of utilizing AI chatbots and virtual agencies will increase on 2018. Thus, it is predicted that 85% of customer interactions will be ensured by AI until 2020. And it shows that places of bots in our lives will increase.



All of us know that Google’s AI developed its language when translating. Technologies, which ensured non-stop communicating between languages will continue to develop as well as in 2018. It will be certainly beneficial both for our business and personal life. The way of communicating with people, with whom we do not speak the same language, will be possible.



With the increase of smart factories, we will feel the robotization more and more especially in the industrial field. We will encounter robots in many places, from retail product shipment to door to product delivery. Thanks to the robotization factories, shipment of the ordered products to consumers in the short time will ensure more profits.


Autonomous Cars and Smart Cities

For 2018, one of the biggest predictions is, the increase in number of autonomous cars. Even if continues to worry us about the responsibility of possible accidents, autonomous cars are in our lives. The fact that the data traffic will increase with the intelligence of the vehicles, wills make the cities smart, too. So we will begin feeling the increased use of technology both in terms of vehicles and cities. Thus, we will see the increasing effects on both of them.



Another prediction on AI is about the benefits on medical diagnoses. The research shows that there is great progress in the usage of artificial intelligence, especially at early diagnoses in cancer. In this regard, 2018 will be a year that we will experience significant transformations in the health care of patients.


Face and Voice Recognition

According to some predictions, developments on the technologies of face and voice recognition from 2017 will continue also in 2018. So, our faces will be able to be our credit cards and driving licenses. Therefore, it may be said that, the long queues in the end of the shopping is to vanished, who knows?


Technology continues developing unbelievable fast. Today, where we are, it has started to transform our social life. We can see this from the using of hardware devices and increase in the social media is among our daily habits. 2018 will be a year, in which these developments will continue as long as we use our ideas for good.


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