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50 Questions on AI

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50 Questions on AI



The book named “50 Questions on AI” of Prof Cem Say from Bogazici University, the Department of Computer Science Engineering, is published this month. The book has a rich content and many people of various areas show interest to it.

While Say asks questions on several usages on computers, he uses a language that embraces readers by including his memories. By the narrative telling, he succeeds to keep at a level that the readers of all interests can understand technical information. 


First I, as a lawyer, read impatiently the part of “Can computers be lawyers?“. He says that these systems are more successful than lawyers in terms of documentation, case law search and decision making, and I think he is pretty right. Many tiresome tasks that take hours of the lawyers, can be facilitated by these systems.

The last question reminds our limits: “Does the human intelligence have a future?”  While he mentions that “these additional brains” can be useful to us, drawing a positive frame, he underlines that abuse by oppressive governments can curb humanity.

In addition to the above, the book has questions related to many current and social topics as. “Can robots fall in love?“, “Can computers make an invention?” or “Can robots be enlisted to military?” etc.

Reading this book is very delighting and fluent… I do not want to give away more details, but the last sentence of the book is very promising: “We can succeed!” 



A small wish: I hope it will be translated into English. 🙂



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