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EU Artificial Intelligence Declaration

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EU Artificial Intelligence Declaration


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April 10, 2018 / Brussels


In October 2017, the European Council asked the Commission to present a European approach to Artificial Intelligence (AI). The Commission has announced that it will adopt a Communication on AI in April 2018.

This Declaration builds on the achievements and investments of Europe in AI as well as the progress towards the creation of a Digital Single Market.

The participating Member States agree to cooperate on:

  • Boosting Europe’s technology and industrial capacity in AI and itsuptake, including better access to public sector data; these are essential conditions to influence AI development, fuelling innovative business models and creating economic growth and new qualified jobs;


  • Addressing socio-economic challenges, such as the transformation of the labour markets and modernising Europe’s education and training systems, including upskilling & reskilling EU citizens;


  • Ensuring an adequate legal and ethical framework, building on EU fundamental rights and values, including privacy and protection of personal data, as well as principles such as transparency and accountability.

In particular, the participating Member States agree to:

  • Work towards a comprehensive and integrated European approach on AI to increase the EU’s competitiveness, attractiveness and excellence in R&D in AI, and where needed review and modernise national policies to ensure that the opportunities arising from AI are seized and the emerging challenges are addressed.


  • Encourage discussions with stakeholders on AI and support the development of a broad and diverse community of stakeholders in a “European AI Alliance” in order to build awareness and foster the development of AI in a manner that maximizes its benefit to economy and society.


  • Consider the allocation of R&D&I funding to the further development and deployment of AI, including on disruptive innovation and applications, as a matter of priority.


  • Exchange views with other Member States and the Commission on AI research agendas and strategies to create synergies in relevant R&D&I funding schemes across Europe.


  • Cooperate on reinforcing AI research centres and supporting their pan-European dimension. Contribute to the establishment of a dense network of Digital Innovation Hubs at European level.


  • Contribute to efforts to make AI available and beneficial to government administrations and to all companies, in particular SMEs and companies from non-technological sectors.


  • Exchange best practices on procuring and using AI in government administrations of any size and at any level, and in the public sector more generally.


  • Contribute to efforts to make more public sector data available, support private businesses to follow this example, and improve the re-usability of scientific research data resulting from public funding, without prejudice to existing rights, regulations and contractual freedom.


  • Exchange views on ethical and legal frameworks related to AI in order to ensure responsible AI deployment.


  • Contribute to the sustainability and trustworthiness of AI-based solutions, for instance by working towards improved information security, promoting safety and vigilance in the design and implementation, and increasing accountability of AI systems.


  • Ensure that humans remain at the centre of the development, deployment and decision-making of AI, prevent the harmful creation and use of AI applications, and advance public understanding of AI.


  • Exchange views on the impact of AI on labour markets and discuss best practices on how to mitigate such impacts, including on the adoption of measures in education and practical training on skills to be acquired to allow citizens to benefit from AI and ensure social stability.


  • Engage in a continuous dialogue with the Commission on AI.


The signatories of this declaration commit to a regular assessment of the achievements and progress made on the matters agreed above and on the adoption of the appropriate measures in order to adequately react to the emerging evolution of AI and the opportunities and challenges related thereto.


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