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The US Air Force AI Strategy

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The US Air Force AI Strategy


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The United States Air Force Artificial Intelligence Annex

to The Department of Defense Artificial Intelligence Strategy


Executive Summary


Artificial intelligence is poised to change how warfare is conducted in the 21st century. The comparative advantage currently enjoyed by the Air Force will either erode or strengthen depending on the manner in which we adopt these technologies.

Unlike previous technological advances, AI has already proliferated into many commercial enterprises and, as such, cannot be governmentally controlled or contained. Just as the commercial sector has rushed to embrace these technologies, our global competitors are overtly accelerating the integration and weaponization of AI as an effective measure to counter our traditional strengths and exploit our perceived weaknesses. This is especially true for our Air Force, where our ability to execute missions across Air, Space, and Cyberspace rely on insights driven by data and information. Depending on the strategic choices we make now, our ability to operate around the globe may be blunted or bolstered by the adoption of—or hardening against—artificial intelligence.

The Air Force is charged to provide the nation with Air and Space Superiority, Global Strike, Rapid Global Mobility, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance, and Command Control. AI is a capability that will underpin our ability to compete, deter, and win across all five of these diverse missions. It is crucial to fielding tomorrow’s Air Force faster and smarter, executing multi-domain operations in the high-end fight, confronting threats below the level of open conflict, and partnering with our allies around the globe.

This Annex and associated Appendix serve as the framework for aligning our efforts with the National Defense Strategy and the Department of Defense Artificial Intelligence Strategy as executed by the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC). It details the fundamental principles, enabling functions, and objectives necessary to effectively manage, maneuver, and lead in the digital age. Doing so is contingent upon our ability to operationalize AI for support and warfighting operations alike.

Artificial intelligence is not the solution to every problem. Its adoption must be thoughtfully considered in accordance with our ethical, moral, and legal obligations to the Nation. As stewards of this great responsibility, Airmen should execute their assigned missions with a focus on emerging technologies, but also with an understanding that everything we do is a human endeavor.

In this return to great power competition, the United States Air Force will harness and wield the most representative forms of AI across all mission-sets, to better enable outcomes with greater speed and accuracy, while optimizing the abilities of each and every Airman. We do this to best protect and defend our Nation and its vital interests, while always remaining accountable to the American public.


You can find original and full Annex below:

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