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Bay Binet

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Bay Binet



Genre: Science-Fiction

Author: Ayşe Acar

Publication date: March 2017

Publisher: Siyah Kitap




Ayşe Acar is a author who researchs in the field of theology, philosophy and history. She has a great number of documentary and archive studies on belief groups. At the first view, you may think these are diffirent specialties for a science fiction author. But, “Bay Binet” tells the opposite.

What would have happened, if we had lived with AI and robots some day? No doubt, we can find a good many science fiction books on this question. But, this book has signs from the present world and beliefs. Thanks to this, it makes feel that living with robots is not a far future. For example, one of the characters thinks living with robots makes people query belief of God and ahret.

You can find Afghanistan and Istanbul, besides this book has topics about radical religious groups, a taliban militia.It is interesting, is not it? I think it has a great science fiction plot. You should absolutely read.



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Selin Cetin
"Bay Binet"
Hukuk & Robotik, Thursday October 5th, 2017 01/06/2020


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