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The Master Algorithm

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The Master Algorithm 




Genre: Popular Science

Author: Pedro Domingos

Publication Date: Sept. 2015

Publisher: Paloma Press





Pedro Domingos is a computer professor at Washington University.  He is considered worthy for SIGKDD Innovation Award which is most prestigious award on data science, besides he is a membership of Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence.

According to Pedro, if Artificial Learning had been a something bought from supermarket, it would have been written “just enough to add data” on its box. He explains technical informations about artificial learning in a way that everyone can understand at The Master Algorithm book. He gets us to feel how effective this technology actually is in our lives, with the examples he gives. In this regard, it can be a great book for someone who interests on this field but exaggerates it. There is also Turkish translation of the book, but I recommend reading in the original translation.



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