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Autonomous Cars and Liability

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Autonomous Cars and Liability

self driving cars ile ilgili görsel sonucu



Dr. Mesut Serdar ÇEKİN

Turkish-German University






“Autonomous cars are the new trend in the automotive sector. Every day, the manufacturers announce or introduce new models based on new technologies. But what about the damages which are caused because of defect sensors or defect software of the car? Do we need changes in our legal system which is based upon the strict liability of the vehicle owner, the fault-based liability of the driver and the liability of the producer, the foundation on of which has caused many disputes among the Turkish scholars? The aim of this paper is to address and nd possible solutions to these and other questions in connection with autonomous driving.”


You can find the link and original paper below: 


OTONOM ARAÇLAR VE HUKUKİ…/otonom-araclar-ve-hukuki-sorumluluk–bWFrYWxlfDFmNjY1LT…

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