Selin Çetin

Robots, Artificial Intelligence and Law

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Robots, Artificial Intelligence and Law



Genre: Study

Author: Caglar Ersoy

Publication date: March, 2017

Publisher: Onikilevha Press




Unfortunately, Turkish resources about robotic and law are very limited in Turkey. Recently publish this book, has a lot of general information regarding the subject. You can find conceptual discussions, EU reports, robot’s legal status and other various information.

In the preface, there is a good note from the author. “Maybe it is not possible to forecast which of our predictions will be realized for the future, but we cannot deny that the technology changes our lives in unpredictable way. Maybe, in twenty years from today, most likely we will be talking about some problems’ solutions that today we are not even aware of .”

However, due to his general overview of the topic, the content scratches the surface.. But it has a great bibliography for the interested people who can find many starting points.

I advise it for the ones in search of a Turkish resource.


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Selin Cetin
"Robots, Artificial Intelligence and Law"
Hukuk & Robotik, Wednesday August 2nd, 2017 01/06/2020


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