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Recent Technologies and Immigrants/Refugees

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Recent Technologies and Immigrants/Refugees




This post is on the politics of technology aims to discuss the impact of new technologies on the “empowerment” of migrants and refugees. Transformative technologies addresses the recent rapid technological developments (i.e. artificial intelligence -AI-, mobile phone data, big data and blockchain) which have triggered a growing debate about the ethical, political and legal implications of these innovations.

At the dawn of a new technological revolution, it’s high time to launch a debate about the role of the technology-based projects in international development. The research focuses on a significant area of the internationaldevelopment where transformative technologies have been widely implemented: big data, AI and blockchain-based projects to “empower” refugees/immigrants in the Global South. In recent years, new partnership models bringing together the UN, EU, technology companies and humanitarian NGOs have been promoted as a way of supporting refugees and displaced people.

Blockchain and artificial intelligence are increasingly being touted as something of a magic bullet in a whole range of disciplines. The post suggests that while transformative technologies shall be beneficial for societies, we have to bear in mind that these are not just technical issues — they are political questions too. Focusing solely on the technical side is unlikely to bring the promised progress — and might even have the opposite impact.

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