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Driverless Vehicles and Brought/ Will Bring Legal Issues

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Driverless Vehicles and Brought/ Will Bring Legal Issues



Doc. Servet Yetim

Ankara Bar Association Journal  Issue 1. 2016





Autonomous Vehicles, described as an autonomous, driverless or robotic vehicle, is smart vehicles, in which the vehicle mechanics are combined with the communication technologies, uses advanced control systems, supplied with independent decision maker abilities by analysing interior of the car and environmental data. These vehicles, which made progress by successful test drivers has been made, by twelve firms, many of them are auto manufacturers, in advanced countries, first of these is targeting to introduce to market in 2018 by Google Corp., are forerunner of great transformation on the world population. As for this transformation any country of the world is not ready right now. These advancements cause gigantic transformations primary in automotive sector. Added value of electronic in autonomous vehicle has got ahead of the mechanic. This advancement will provide basis to monopolization in favour to the countries for those who are leader in software development and beside this establish smart cities.

By using autonomous vehicle, people will share some part of their secrets/ personal data with these vehicles electronic systems, the vehicles also will share these data smart traffic systems, software firms, vehicle manufacturers and local authorities under content of autonomies vehicle components. Due to driver factor will be removed, many chaos will occur on the matter of legal and criminal liability of vehicle owner, local authorities that will provide infrastructure services, manufactures of the vehicle mechanic and electronic system and software developer at the accidents that may occur. When the protecting keeping personal data, certification and determining the internet access standards, the facts of reconstructing insurance systems, requiring global jurisdiction power in solving the problems are evaluated all together, it is unavoidable result that the countries should cooperate each other for solving the problems in getting smaller world against the commercial power impositions, unfair competition and monopolization.”


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Selin Cetin
"Driverless Vehicles and Brought/ Will Bring Legal Issues"
Hukuk & Robotik, Sunday August 6th, 2017 10/07/2020


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