Robot Law

Robot Law


Ass. Prof. Doc. Armagan Ebru BOZKURT YUKSEL

Dokuz Eylul University

Justice Academy of Turkey Journal, Year:7, Issue:29, January 2017




“In many areas of the daily life, robots are already used and in the future this use will increase. We will see robots being widely utilized in the fields of medicine, in the military and in industry such as: in the care of patients, the elderly and children, as well as performing general work tasks around the home. Definitely the use of robots will save on workforce costs and time but inevitably, legal issues will ensue. Problems expected to arise will concern the responsibility relating to the robots’ behaviors, protection of privacy and security, intellectual property rights and ethics. At present, our country has no regulation relating to robots, but it is clear that there is going to be a need to either amend existing regulations or enact special codes specific to robots.”


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