Robot, AI and Law – Caglar Ersoy

Robot, AI and Law

I interviewed Lawyer Caglar Ersoy, who wrote his first book “Robots, Artificial Intelligence and Law” on robots and law in Turkey. We talked about the effects of robots and AI on Law.


Pleasant readings…

Cetin: How did the idea of writing a book on AI and Law was born?

Ersoy: At first,  I was interested in the use of robotics in military areas.The reason for this was, the fact that they were already being used and they continue to advance. I began my researchs on this area and the subject expanded as I researched and this book occurred. I had aimed to write a paper but then I was finished it became a book ????


Cetin: Do you have any sections  that you wanted to add to the book but did not?

Ersoy: Today, I wish that I had used more concrete examples. Especially, the culture has an important effect on this. This subject is endless, so you should limit and say what is enough.


Cetin: Do you think is there are any area that we must not use this technology under the law?

Ersoy: It is currently unacceptable that humans are completely removed from the cycle, I am one of the supporters of this option. I am thinking humans should not be sidelined. But programs’ advancement to next step depends on AI’s abilities.   And it also depends on how far we can go to create an artificial intelligence. But for the time being, we should not place artificial intelligence into decisions regarding the human life. Especially in terms of international humanitarian law, the humans should not come out the cycle. And if it is paved the way for, the human element must not be eliminated. It is like to the nucleer frenzy, so humans should learn a lesson from this. But it should be banned until it becomes sophisticated.


Cetin: Do you think, a robot with an artificial intelligence can have a job on law profession? And can it become a lawyer?

Ersoy: I think it should. Maybe our workload will be reduced, we need to look on  the bright side. Sure, it is not possible now, if you give a task to robot to meet a client, client might dismiss because of not being interested. But currently it is not possible today. They are more skilled than us on some subjects, for example analyzing. Of course, they will advance, but if emotional intelligence is not being designed by programmers, I do not think that especially a lawyer will be dismissed totally. Maybe it will   be prensented as a right- the right to demand human intervention. It can be determined in the contract, so that, robot will assist a lawyer until a certain point, but after that the human intervention may be demanded  if risk of error emerges afterwards. But it is not possible that the person humans will be completely out of the business. They are quite   successful to suggest judge’s decisions; but many other factors are necessary as well in order that they replace judges.   They will advance but probably we will not be able to see that they replace humans.


Cetin: Could a regulation exist among the robots themselves?

Ersoy: When they began to create languages among themselves, they can want an organization for themselves. If we do not hedge off or they overcome it, they can success in this. Maybe they have already established an organization, but we are not aware of it yet. If we succeed in the appropriate software, they can create this organisation. Attributing a personality is also an enforcement, this is also creating a organization. As their numbers increase, we will have to bring a system anyways. If we do not act first, they can try to do it better.


Cetin: We constantly talk about robots and AI. What do you think, they will think about humans?

Ersoy: I mentioned in the book. A fully developed artificial intelligence will understand that nothing useful will come out of humans for this world and will seek a way to escape from this world. I guess someone said something like: “They can not be seperate from us, because we create them and they contain something from us”. So, they are not able to think diffirentdifferent from us, unless they break this chain, then they certainly will think different from us. They look from above or from somewhere else, so they can move in a way that we cannot see.


Cetin: Should we be anxious about advancements in AI? Or we should be hopeful?

Ersoy: There are enough people, who warn about it. And they are important scientists. So, we should not be anxious at this point. They are right on this warning, because we face a technology that it can end badly when used by malicious people. At least, it seems to be that there is a control mechanism for the time being.   There are important ethics and sociological developments on this topic and it is took precautions are taken. We will be dealing with “idiotic” artificial intelligences till there comes an advanced artificial intelligence on level to be scared from. They also might bare mistakes, but it seems to be prevented for now.


Cetin: What kind of regulations primarily are needed to be made regarding this area in Turkey?

Ersoy: It can be found  in the fields of health and military in Turkey. There are a lot of investments in the healthcare sector and thus this condition affects the insurance sector. Operations can be done by robotic arms and maybe doctors will be just a supervisor. At this point, it is necessary to regulate the responsibility of the doctor, manufacturer and programmer. In general, it is the same in the world, first of all we need to regulate tort liability. Meanwhile, using the uses in the military will continues to advance. As a sector, health will be one of the first regulated fields, but then, especially tort liability will be needed for consideriation. There are discussions about personality but, it is so early for today. As soon as a gap appears, it needs to  regulated quickly. But law will be always the late party. And sure, we can regulate by utilizing from our past accumulations.


Respects to dear Caglar Ersoy