Selin Çetin

Artificial Intelligence and Copyright 

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Artificial Intelligence and Copyright 




Lawyer, Graduate Student

Ankara University, Social Science Institute, Department of Private Law






Artificial intelligence is a concept that we begin to hear about more every day as a result of the latest incredible technological developments. With the expansion of artificial intelligence technologies and its proliferation in social life, the number of legal investigations of these technologies is increasing. Indeed, with the widespread use of artificial intelligence technologies nowadays, the possibility of these technologies being subject to legal problems is gradually increasing. One of the issues that the legal debates about artificial intelligence is related to the products produced by artificial intelligence. Today, it is possible for artificial intelligence to produce intellectual products such as poetry, painting, music and book. In the near future, we will be more likely to encounter such products. Therefore, in the first part of our study, we evaluated the concept of artificial intelligence and methods of its operation. In the second part of our study, we made some evaluations about whether these products can be considered as works in the sense of law on intellectual and artistic works if the artificial intelligence produce products such as poetry, painting, music and book. Finally, we tried to answer the question of who owns the ownership and copyrights of these products if they are accepted as works.


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