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Researching of Criminal Responsibility of Artificial Intelligence Robots

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Researching of Criminal Responsibility of Artificial Intelligence Robots




Lawyer Melisa Aydemir 

Crime and Punishment: The Journal of Criminal Law

December 2018







“In this thesis, the criminal responsibilities of the robots with artificial intelligence are discussed. Many of the technological developments started by taking the internet of things, the internet of things, unified in artificial intelligence and even found themselves. We are witnessing more and more conversions and developments of robots with artificial intelligence, which we see a magnificent reflection of technological developments, and this excites us like many scientists. However, this excitement as well as a lot of obscurity. Likewise, when we question the question of bil what they can achieve usunda in the future and even today’s plan, we are able to engage ourselves in the spell of our answers, as well as in the question of how any damages / dangers can be compensated when the legal norms are violated. In the light of all these developments, if we leave aside the legal responsibility of artificial intelligence, we can declare that we feel obliged to give place to our research in order to respond to the question of what its position in criminal law would be. We hope that at the end of this thesis you will have some insight into what the penal responsibilities of artificial intelligence robots will be and what status they can take in the world of law.”


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