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Patenting the Inventions of Artificial Intelligence

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Patenting the Inventions of Artificial Intelligence






Dokuz Eylül University






“Today, news about developments in the technological area, especially robots, unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned automobiles, cloud computing, Internet of things and artificial intelligence, are frequently on the agenda. It is obvius that artificial intelligence, which is one of these technological developments, will cause major changes in our everyday lives and, of course, in legal regulations. It is anticipated that it will affect the regulations related to medical law, civil law, criminal law, liability law in time. One of the areas that artificial intelligence is going to influence is the area of regulations on intellectual property rights. It is a complicated problem that must be resolved about who should be the owner of the patent for the inventions that have made by artificial intelligence. In this study, firstly, artificial intelligence is explained, and then, it has been given place to the debates who will be the inventor of the artificial intelligence generated inventions. Finally, it has been tried to refer to what kind of regulations should be done in patent law area with a futuristic view.”


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