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The Role and Future of Artificial Intelligence in Criminal Procedure Law

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The Role and Future of Artificial Intelligence in Criminal Procedure Law




Dr. Zafer İçer, Marmara University Law Faculty

Research Asst. Başak Buluz, Gebze Technical Universty Engineering Faculty





Since the beginning of the present century, innovative technologies have evolved with unprecedented speed; cyber-physical systems and the innovations which produced through the internet linking these systems have created technological era. One of the most important subjects of the digital era is “artificial intelligence systems” what called the catalyzer of industrial digital transformation of course. Artificial intelligence systems are interact with many different disciplines and that touch humanity and everyday life at any point from driveless cars to virtual assistants, from smart home products to industrial automation; and in recent years, as in all legal fields, it has began to take its place in Criminal Procedure. In various countries, intelligent digital assistants have been actively used to identify and analyze concrete legal conflicts and predict the possible consequences of the lawsuits to be opened and artificial intelligence platforms are being used in subjects such as legal analysis and evidence evaluation. Undoubtedly, the common goal of these systems is to provide fast, efficient and accurate solutions in this area. On the other hand, in the near future, robotic systems are likely to become the subjects of judging and they may have important roles in decision-making processes as robot judges, prosecutors and lawyers. In this study, the role and future of these intelligent systems in criminal proceedings will be discussed with a scientific perspective in light of current examples and possible developments by referring to technical aspects of artificial learning and artificial intelligence.”


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